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Typology: Technical-Scientific
Collection: 2000 items


The museum is closed to the public. Those with a research interest in the Museum may visit by appointment.

Address & Contact

Dipartimento di Medicina sperimentale
Sezione di Anatomia umana normale
via Forlanini, 8 27100 Pavia
Tel. +39 0382 987647
e-mail. anatomia (at)





Museum of Anatomy

History and Collection

The museum, established in the late eighteenth century by anatomists and other scientists at the University of Pavia including Giacomo Rezia, Antonio Scarpa, Bartolomeo Panizza, Giovanni Zoja is a rare example of a "crystallised" nineteenth-century science museum. The pieces are divided into several sections: osteology, angiology, embryology, splanchnology, aesthesiology, neurology and topographic anatomy.

There are strong connections between this collection and the pieces preserved in the University History Museum.

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