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Typology: Nature | Collection: 10.000 items


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(regular hours)
Fri: 9.00-12.00

For occasional Saturday opening hours consult the online calendar

Guided visits and bookings
Tel. +39.0382.985873
email. athosmaria.callegari (at)

Address & Contact

Museo di Mineralogia
Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Via Ferrata, 1 - Pavia
Tel. +39.0382.985873
e-mail. athosmaria.callegari (at)


Prof. Athos Maria Callegari
athosmaria.callegari (at)
Tel. +39.0382.985873



Museum of Mineralogy

History and Collection

The beginnings of the Museum of Mineralogy, Department of Earth Sciences, lie in the late 18th century: the oldest part of our collection is in fact constituted by pieces from the "mineral kingdom" section of the Museum of Natural History founded by Lazzaro Spallanzani (1729-1799).

The current museum, however, is constituted by two main collections: a systematic general collection and a regional collection, including minerals which are characteristic of each of the regions of Italy.

In addition to these main collections the museum is also host to a number of individual displays which are of great historical interest such as the "Angelo Bianchi Collection" (comprised by a number of Val Devero minerals collected at the beginning of 1920’s), the "Meteorite Collection" (a collection which includes, among others, a meteorite that fall near Siena in 1794 and was collected by Spallanzani himself) and the "Jasper Collection", originating from Siberia and presented to the Museum by Duke Melzi D'Eril in 1802.

The Museum, in its capacity as a centre from teaching and learning, also maintains a teaching collection which includes samples of the most common minerals and rocks on the Earth's crust.

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